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@RWApodcast Pro Russian until the end here, but it's pretty clear Russia is losing this war. Ukraine reminds me of the Roman Republic against Carthage, they keep losing battles but always find tricks to take a positive result for them.

@RWApodcast By the way, NAFO volunteers that join the war on the side of Ukraine thinking it will be fun to do war reminded me of all quiet on the western front.

@RWApodcast This assault is the final and desperate attempt of Ukraine to finish the war before the American midterms (they are afraid the US will stop sending aid to them) they will put in all of their resources. If Russia manages to annihilate them once again unconditional surrender comes

@pastoutp @GeromanAT Because that assault is a desperate attack Ukraine is doing to end the war before the American midterms (the result will be CRITICAL to future NATO help) Ukraine will deploy a lot of troops there, finishing them off and destroying the morale while bombing Kiev causes surrender.

@GeromanAT Iran "entering" the war on the side of Ukraine is the game changer against NATO tricks and plans

@GeromanAT I love the panic and discomfort among the pro ukraine trolls, those internet thugs thought Ukraine was going to win after media hype, now those "offensives" are sended back to the stone age 馃挜

@OskarJaeger @RWApodcast It's funny how you pro Ukraine trolls seriously thought for 2 weeks Ukraine was going to win... sweet. Now with the arrive of reinforcements and Russian paratroopers holding the line against the Ukros, advancing on Bakhmut you became miserable, again!

@RWApodcast This is how desperate they have become, just by this you can tell Ukraine offensives have been stopped and crushed.

@GeromanAT Ukraine is doing a 40k man offensive after multiple failed attacks in recent days, what will happen next?

@AZgeopolitics Ukraine is doing a 40k man offensive, what will happen next?

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