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@RandPitt @DickesonKathy Russian flag is winning the war despite all the billions that Biden is sending to Ukraine

@PNjadaka @Richard__Bosma @Franklin_Graham Nobody is perfect, we have all sinned The difference is that Trump loves his country and he鈥檚 trying to do the right thing for America Unlike Biden who is slaving after those who are destroying American values and laundering money to Ukraine

@barryp333 @Franklin_Graham Trump is a good man He got along with the Russians and never started any wars Biden is throwing all our taxpayers money to Ukraine and bribing corrupt politicians Many thousands of people have died in this unnecessary war that Biden started instead of finding an agreement

@AnnMora80731558 @RockNRollVA @FoxNews A perfect match A Corrupt Ukraine with the corrupt Biden administration They have many things in common and mainly how to get rich by screwing their own citizens

@washingtonpost There are a lot of brainwashed stupid people in this site Russia will never allow Ukraine to become a puppet of the West in its territory

@ketheesh_waran @harharko @BBCWorld Ukraine was always Russian until they were brainwashed by the west, using American taxpayers money, to be used as bait in order to destroy Russia But the opposite is happening

@ptlikesfun @RepSpartz I am sure that it is a lot less than the money that US politicians are laundering via Ukraine

@SueBongiovi @RepSpartz Maybe she did it because she cares about Ukraine and she doesn鈥檛 like it being exploited by the west

@valleyburt @RepSpartz Maybe she knows more about Ukraine and the corruption that鈥檚 going on over there and if she supports Putin, that鈥檚 none of your business

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