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@ThomasVLinge if you recognise majoritarian democracy as legitimate, then crimea is a part of Ukraine. You can't convince me that the majority of the people in Crimea, at the time of all the chaos in kyiv, didn't want to join RF

@jeremykauffman he's basically saying how Ukraine already is a de facto member of NATO and the acceptance would only make it de jure

@jeremykauffman so no, this is not an act towards WW3. This is USA's sabotage against Germany for having licked Russia's ass for gas for so long and to put Germany in a position to be more aggressive towards defending Ukraine

@jeremykauffman Meanwhile Russians aren't sure if this is beneficial for them or not. Probably slightly in the negative, but they are trying to use this for their benefit and to act bull by also turning off the last pipe from Russia to EU (via Ukraine), completely shutting EU from Russian gas.

@jeremykauffman Russians aren't even mad. CIA bombed it so Germany acts up against Russia (helping Ukraine) and starts being more decisive and buys more gas from USA. e

@LPNH @LP_CLC USA never supported nazis in Ukraine unless Ukraine government is nazi to you. That one nazi guy with whom there are photos was just a parliament member 2012-2014. He didn't get enough votes in 2014 (after the "nazi coup"!!) to get into parliament again.

@LPNH @LP_CLC okay and what does moaning about "nazis in Ukraine" do? you have plenty of those tweets

@ChrissyMalinky But libertarians shouldn't be mad that Ukrainians want our weapons or in general just hate Ukraine just because USA is funding them. I don't think there is a contradiction my belief.

@ChrissyMalinky Not saying their government is a good one, it's just a lot better than Russia's and they are defending against an invader, so they are justified in the defence. Libertarians should condemn the US government taxing and giving it to Ukraine.

@ChrissyMalinky I am against the American government giving away taxpayers' property to non taxpayers, but I am happy that Ukrainians now have the weapons. It is better for liberty in Ukraine if they win this war.

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