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US Defense Secretary: China continues to support Russia in its unjustified invasion of Ukraine.

Netherlands will increase military support to Ukraine, PM says https://t.co/B5EuXwtPfF

Reuters: US lawmakers agree on a bill for new aid to Ukraine worth 12 billion dollars.

Update: US Congress tentatively agrees $12bn aid to Ukraine.

Blinken: We are determined to support Ukraine and also insist that this war does not expand.

Update: German Chancellor: New York Times: We support Ukraine in a way that avoids a conflict between Russia and NATO, because that would be catastrophic.

U.S. warns Putin of 'catastrophic' consequences if nuclear weapons used in Ukraine https://t.co/cOewPadFDk

On Ukraine, Russia repeats insistence that it had no choice https://t.co/QXuOi3G2Y0 via @Yahoo

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