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I identify as vaxxed and boosted. pronouns: beep/bop/boop
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@bioby6 @stone_toss Ukraine is not a NATO country try we are under no obligation to protect them.

@ComradeSnake3rd Is that in Ukraine? They love R3ich brand too.

@ixodioxi @ivan_8848 UN cant even produce a feminist puff peice without accidentally photographing a nazi in Ukraine.

@Carlos76369416 @RGibsonstud @timedilator @jimmy_dore @SamHarrisOrg This is another example of you pretending to be informed. Donald trump stumbled across this and when he asked Ukraine about it the left claimed he did it and impeached him. You are in a cult. The cult of "orange man bad"

@Carlos76369416 @RGibsonstud @timedilator @jimmy_dore @SamHarrisOrg And since the laptop has been verified several times we also know hes done the same thing in mexico, china and Ukraine. You voted for an actuall criminal because your TV told you the other guy was a criminal with no proof over and over.

@HistoryBoomer The fact any of you would voted for Harris astounds me. Shes so dumb. "So, Ukraine is a country in Europe. It exists next to another country called Russia. Russia is a bigger country. Russia is a powerful country. Russia decided to invade a smaller country called Ukraine."

@DawnRochelle12 @Chadsbourne And you follow an senile corrupt pedophile. yeah hes all of those things. He admitted to illicit business dealing in Ukraine on tv and how many little girls have we watched him sniff? The kiddies do love to rub his leg hair what ever that means...

@martinvanstein @Timcast The right is the anti war party. I'd be willing to bet you would support boots on the ground in Ukraine.

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