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Eric Edelman and I with another conversation between the two of us. A lot of Ukraine, but a lot more than that — including favorite mystery writers. https://t.co/7VNR77JpHW

I almost always agree with @WarintheFuture but particularly strongly on this one - in his assessment of the Russian military and above all in his discussion of what we need to do, viz., flood Ukraine with high end weapons including ATACMS and MBT’s.

Deeply disappointed in Pentagon comments on ATACMS for Ukraine. A combination of patronizing “Daddy knows best” (he doesn’t) and strategic obtuseness. Some of them have to know better. https://t.co/WpAMCIfLYs

Given what @elonmusk has done for Ukraine - Starlink terminals are invaluable, among other things - I think it would be best to ignore his ridiculous policy suggestions & appreciate his concrete contributions. Plenty of high tech types make the former, not as many do the latter.

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