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Canada donating four Leopard battle tanks to Ukraine https://t.co/xVhenmjGCe

Russia claims progress in eastern Ukraine; Kyiv craves tanks https://t.co/ezP6rkHqAG

Ukraine interior minister, others killed in helicopter crash https://t.co/jV5P6hHRSS

Ukraine death toll reaches 40 in Russian missile strike https://t.co/4NNRktiE7d

A Russian rocket strike on Ukraine's Kramatorsk caused damage but did not destroy buildings and there were no obvious signs of casualties. https://t.co/Mpsl3Jq2jj

Ukraine's president praised the United States for including tank-killing armoured vehicles in its latest package of military aid. https://t.co/kzmD6N901f

Russian church head calls for Ukraine truce, finds no takers https://t.co/CLPT2dXSJv

Russia and Ukraine free 200 captured troops in New Year prisoner swap https://t.co/5wDqMgzAuz

Canadian Army eyeing new weapons in response to lessons learned from Ukraine war https://t.co/yMjzfj1qQd

Ukrainian newcomers who fled the war in Ukraine are marking their first Christmas in Canada while worrying about the loved ones they had to leave behind. #Canada https://t.co/8IjMKkHolo

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