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The Eastern Border馃嚤馃嚮馃嚜馃嚭
Podcast by Latvian journalist Kristaps Andrejsons, explaining the life in and the history of USSR an
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@lexi_thompson01 @mtracey I welcome de-escalation. The easiest way to achieve that is for Putin to get the fuck out of Ukraine. Russia leaves Ukraine = war ends on the very same day. Super easy.

@AlexGillPedant If the people who disagree with me would allow me to speah in their spaces and would not interrupt me and violently yell at me that I'm constantly lying when I know I'm not - like when someone tried to convince me that Ukraine themselves did Bucha, which is bullshit I'd be calmer

And he is Hungarian, won't reveal his name, but he's a businessman from the border towns with Ukraine in the carpathian mountains, involved in the medical industry, an Orban voter. Sometimes even I am amazed at how quickly a few 'buddies' can work...

@eric_mrbiddle @mtracey You spread Russian propaganda about Ukraine constantly. How about You do Russia instead?

@CapitalWokism @mtracey Russia and what army? The one that's bogged down in Ukraine? That's incompetently led and not moving anywhere? Because they don't have another one. They couldn't even help Armenia, their ally, against Azerbaijan when they called.

@MuldersDaniel94 And she also got me in touch with the director of a brand new documentary about the role of women in the war in Ukraine

@DomNicholls @poesjeinboots Well, since my Ukraine trip got delayed bc one of my contacts passed away together with the minister, I'm free basically any day until the end of february I guess.

I need some help with breaking in the more mainstream western war analyst crowd, so that among them would be at least a single person that's actually been to the Ukraine front. I love and respect them, but I'd force ALL of them to listen to my 'open letter' ep, really.

This is great news - but I still don't see the political play about Germany's reluctance. Is supporting Ukraine THAT disliked among German voters? I find that hard to believe.

@IlzeBo @jmgeventhorizon I just moved. Also, prepwork for another Ukraine trip. I COULD, but it's not an amount that I can easily spend rn. But I do want to, so much!

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