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馃搶Remember when mighty Russia was going to crush Ukraine in three days? 馃嚭馃嚘

馃搶PROGRAMMING ALERT: We interrupt this 264-hr. episode of "The Crown" to let you know Puerto Rico has been slammed by a hurricane, Putin just fired a missile within 900 ft. of a nuke plant in Ukraine & Traitor Trump STILL has not been arrested for stealing top secret documents.

馃搶As the fighting intensified, so, too, has the support for Ukraine. NATO is actually EXPANDING not retracting with the important additions of Sweden & Finland. 馃搶THIS is how you fight fascists, you no-good GOP louts. 馃搶Instead, you protect the SOB who stole OUR (top) secrets.

馃搶NOTE TO THE FASCIST GOP: The reason Putin didn't go into Ukraine sooner, was because he had his puppet destabilizing democracies here & around the world from the WH. When the traitor was shellacked by 7 million votes, "savvy genius" Putin went it alone. https://t.co/KFsvxy5mI4

馃搶NEW: Putin didn't invade Ukraine sooner because the traitor, Trump, was doing his worst bidding for him while in office. Aided by the Radical Right, Trump busied himself destabilizing NATO and democracies across the globe, including, and mostly, America. https://t.co/KFsvxy5mI4

馃搶Putin didn't have to lift a finger. When it was clear the American people had had enough, and Traitor Trump's attack on America had failed, the "savvy genius" went it alone, and made his losing play in Ukraine. And ...

馃搶The only reason Putin didn't go into Ukraine was precisely because Traitor Trump was doing all his worst work for him. 馃搶With the help of the anti-American, Radical Right, Traitor Trump was busy destabilizing NATO and democracies all over the world, including America. So ... https://t.co/KUAgGsnH5J

馃搶About these frauds on the anti-American, Radical Right who say Putin never would have gone into Ukraine if, God forbid, Traitor Trump was still in the White House ... 馃搶Guess what? They're right. Because ...

馃搶FOR THE RECORD: At the outset of the war, Traitor Trump called Putin's Ukraine strategy, "savvy" and "genius." Well, this morning Putin is beating a heavy retreat, and is close to implementing a military draft, which will further erode confidence in his country. Also ... https://t.co/uQoy3hbcuR

馃搶KYIV, Ukraine 鈥 Ukrainian forces entered the key Russian military stronghold of Izium on Saturday, continuing their rapid advance across the northeast and igniting a dramatic new phase in the more than six-month war.

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