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EU at OSCE 🇪🇺
#EU Permanent Representation to #OSCE. Follow Perm Rep @RasaOstrauskai2 & EU Head of Delegation in V
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At @OSCE FSC today EU on Women, Peace and Security Agenda – crucial topic for sustainable peace and security. #Russia’s war of aggression against #Ukraine – wake-up call to address all forms of conflict-related sexual and gender-based violence 👉

#EU supports all efforts to gather evidence and document the atrocities of #Russia|’s war of aggression against #Ukraine, in order to hold those responsible to account. #WarsawHDC

At the #WHDC side event on « Russia’s aggression against Ukraine - Accountability and the Way Forward » moderated by @RasaOstrauskai2 and co-organised by @EUOSCE, it was highlighted that the EU supports all measures to ensure accountability

#Ukraine: Statement by the Spokesperson on the sentencing of Crimean Tatar leaders by #Russia | EEAS Website

#EU strongly condemns the preparations for illegal sham “referenda” announced by illegitimate “authorities” in #Ukraine|’s territories temporarily under #Russian control. Their results will be considered null and void and will not be recognised by #EU.

#EU remains strongly committed assisting #Ukraine to uphold its sovereignty, its territorial integrity & to defend itself against the aggressor. Our commitment to support #Ukraine in building its own peaceful, democratic & prosperous future in the European family is unshakeable.

Marking 2nd anniversary of fraudulent presidential elections, #EU reiterates its call on #Belarus to fully adhere to principles of democracy, rule of law & human rights, and to stop its collaboration in #Russia|‘s war of aggression against #Ukraine 👉

#Crimea is Ukraine. #Donbas is Ukraine. #Mariupol and #Kherson are Ukraine. #Ukraine is a sovereign State whose int. recognised borders must not be violated. EU Statement at @OSCE Permanent Council in Vienna 👉

Prioritisation of #Ukraine and its people at the top of the @OSCE agenda in all 3 dimensions of security is of paramount importance. #EU strongly supports all efforts to preserve OSCE’s continued engagement in and support to #Ukraine on the ground. 👉

Today also marks the sixth month of the beginning of #Russia’s unprecedented full-scale attack on #Ukraine, on @OSCE principles and commitments as well as on international law. 2/2 #EU continues to #StandWithUkraine 👉

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