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President Zelensky addresses the colonised nations of the North Caucasus and other regions of Russia, whose sons Mr. Putin sends in such large numbers to die in Ukraine. With English subtitles.

The results are in. Thanks to all participants. The current course is viewed as insufficient by 95.5% of respondents. A majority, 59.6%, favours strong increases in weapons supplies, but without intervening. A large minority, 35.9%, would favour fighting alongside Ukraine. https://t.co/0UWCM8Su19

@rjurney Your reaction is interesting. I assume you don't think Ukrainians are children. So the next question is: what if one country joined the fight? One small European country goes all in on Ukraine's side. Nuclear button? Maybe not. What's the red line? Nobody knows.

A list of lists of suggested Twitter accounts to follow - by theme / specialization - for those interested in #Ukraine and the current war.

@StevenBonnarSNP No, she's just pursuing the UK's principled policy of support to Ukraine, which Labour also supports, along with about 30 other Western governments.

@IlvesToomas @eu_eeas @MFAestonia @LithuaniaMFA @Latvian_MFA I've looked at his LinkedIn profile. That post does not appear. Those that appear are often re-posts from the EU or NATO. As for his own typed up posts, they are supportive of Ukraine. So, perhaps a fabrication, or a hit job, or hacking. Who knows.

@vikrantkumar You come across as cheerleading when you show the "results" of the fake referendums held at gunpoint by the Russian invaders in Ukraine. So, yes I sermon you. And when I raise the issue of PAK, it feels different eh? Well, for me, Ukraine is close to my heart. Do you understand?

@CurpDavid @lilygrutcher In fact he spoke against arms supplies to Ukraine, in addition to his insult against Erdogan, which he doubled down on when contacted for clarification. https://t.co/39mjCtqqAb

I will not analyse the "votes" in occupied Ukraine, and would prefer if they had no media coverage. Potemkin votes are fake, therefore they never happened. I only recognize the lawful authorities of Ukraine on matters pertaining to Ukrainian territory. The rest does not exist.

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