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Christopher Morton
Theologian, Great War historian, expat living in Oxford
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@PhillipsPOBrien I have this great idea. Elon can make amends by calling Medvedev & asking him to sneak in the systems to make the Internet go back up into Iran under th guise of "it hurts Ukraine." Medvedev confused nods. Then mullahs can join Putin in trash heap & Elon can be a "savior" again.

@IAPonomarenko Wise words Illia. People are allowed to be idiots. Without him intent in Ukraine would be woeful. Just tell him he doesn't know what he's talking about and move along.

@JayinKyiv That is it. You are a brilliant engineer. Smart biz man. How in the h鈧琹l does that make you qualified to tell Ukraine willing to do whatever it takes to secure their future that Russia seeks to desist a darn thing. Just be quiet and sell cars & go to space.

@AaronFriedberg @JonahDispatch That is a clever phrase. Ukraine can't withdrawal. Perfect phrasing.

@PhillipsPOBrien There will be no justice for these people. All we can hope is that their friends and family who survived will live in a free Ukraine where everyone who had a role in ordering the attack are killed in the coming liberation. There is no hell deep/hot enough for such men.

@TrentTelenko Am I the only one who has to spend 15 minutes using all my web resources to find these places on maps (bc Ukr like US reuses names a lot). Thanks for including the map. Saved what remains of my lifetime. Keep moving Ukraine!

@PhillipsPOBrien @vtchakarova @IAPonomarenko When peace is declared I want to go to Ukraine, spend my money to help restart the economy and to be among free people. I've been praying, giving money, and watching since 21/2 (really 2014) & aside from a week at the start w/ that column always believed we will see free Ukraine!

@44Observer4 @JayinKyiv At the end of the day, these are the images that keep me pestering my govt, keep me responding to Ru trolls, and will keep me warm when we turn off the radiator, huddle as a family & rmbr our plight is nothing compared to the tragedies befalling Ukraine day by day. Slava Ukraini!

@vtchakarova Which requires the populaces demanding of them. Which then requires advocates for Ukraine to do what most Western governments haven't done and explain why doing so is vital. In the end it will take all of us to keep from allowing governments to melt to Moscow's demands.

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