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By the same token, imperialist views are unfortunately deeply held by large segments of the population, outside of power elites. Navalny's argument that the lack of enthusiasm for dying in Ukraine confirms that the Russians are not imperialists is not fully convincing.

That said, like @KevinRothrock, I was sufficiently inspired by Putin's speech to donate to Ukraine. Do your part to thank Putin for his speech:

So, on the whole, the speech doesn't matter. Ukraine continues to make advances in the east, and this speaks louder than any unhinged pontification on Putin's part. He sought to project strength but he looks weak, increasingly weak.

A great panel, which has some of my favourite people on Russia/Ukraine (and China).

@BengiSinik Putin going off the rails? Seems like the only viable explanation. There was a consensus in the Russian "blob" right through Feb. 24, and the consensus was that a war in Ukraine was a bad idea.

His whole approach hinges on a view that the invasion of Ukraine is somehow "existential" for Russia (it's actually not though it may be existential for Putin personally), and he argues that since the US fundamentally doesn't care about Ukraine, it lacks credibility.

However, one interesting argument I've seen is that having protesters in the ranks of the Russian army is actually good for Ukraine insofar as it will lead to further degradation of morale in the said army. I think it's a plausible argument.

There is no clear evidence that dodging the draft (and so potentially facing a prison term) would be preferable for ordinary Russians to joining the war in Ukraine. Moreover, there is evidence that those who protest are mobilised right away, reducing the incentive to protest.

One. This is unfair to Ukraine. Mobilised Russians will be sent to Ukraine in large numbers. Undermining Putin's mobilisation drive is thus in everyone's interest, and by keeping the borders closed, the Baltics would effectually be helping Putin meet his targets.

The Russian army is quite literally rotten. Good news for Ukraine. It鈥檒l be interesting to see if Putin鈥檚 effort to energize the defense industry sector will bear fruit. Hard to believe.

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