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The government should never FORCE the citizens to do anything and anyone that suggests so is an Auth
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@gailishi @CalltoActivism Super masterful. bang up job getting hundreds of people killed in the process of exiting Afghan. Now in a potialte world war that he is directly linked to starting under Obama with the Ukraine war. Its as if you black out whenever his pass is mentioned or some shit

@BadLibertarians But how is this wrong? FTX CEO admitted to donating to Dems and as far as we can tell Ukraine directly invested funds sent from the US to FTX

@IDJoe4Idaho I dont know this feel a lot like its on purpose and they are collecting as much as they can through sending it to the Ukraine and then funneling it through shit like FTX

@mhmck The only nazi support here is your flag... Ukraine has nazi units ffs...

@AndriiZhuravel @RonnoDonno @SKitty69420 @apmassaro3 jesus christ google exists https://t.co/TayNxlwWis The same day we declared war they declared it on us. Russians aren't as clear to have Nazis nly evidence I found on this is accusations no picture evidence. The Ukraine Army sure as shit does though multiple reports as such.

@JoJoFromJerz He also said his son died in Iraq while promoting the war in Iraq not Ukraine -_-

@rkrosalyn31 @BlackKnight10k Well the city in question that this just happened in has some of the most strict laws and yet its the highest crime city in the US. Also you being pro Ukraine is a bit silly if you are ok spending our taxes on fire arms you want to ban here...

@RepSwalwell Most people don't support the war with Ukraine you joke of a human being

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