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I like being banned by commies for posting the truth
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@Ackey83 @PeaceHopeful1 @BlueDoggin45 @ps9714 @Megawatts55 @AccountableGOP @AdamKinzinger @POTUS Ruble is the strongest currency on the planet right now. I'm sure Putin is really bothered by that? Weird how all of Europe "sanctioned Russia" but keeps buying oil and gas? The entire world ignored Ukraine and let Putin wipe Azov's from the planet. #reality

@Ackey83 @PeaceHopeful1 @BlueDoggin45 @ps9714 @Megawatts55 @AccountableGOP @AdamKinzinger @POTUS That's all you have... it's embarrassing. Why didn't Democrats use the Pedo thing to impeach him instead of fake Russia/fake Ukraine? Why is Joe letting Russia walk through Ukraine? Like I said, you guys are bag of rocks dumb.. Answer: WH guy is not really Joe Biden.

@sergio_drown @lyndastraffin Biden's son is a Ukrainian energy expert. Biden did nothing while Russia rolls through Ukraine, clearing the Azovs.Biden reappointed Trump's Fed Chief Jerome Powell.I cannot dumb it down for you any more... Russians aren't dividing this country. It's our MSM. And, dumb as shit

@jimcramer Scoop: The US and the world aren't rooting for Ukraine, or they would be helping. Inflation means we raise rates. Be a shame if someone had been snorting free money for 5 years and was leveraged higher than a cokehead? You did NotSee that coming, huh?

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