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@Karimjsmlchr True. But I have never supported Ukraine. Let Russia annex them. Palestine is being illegally occupied by terrorist israel.

@PepperOceanna Tax the rich. End all military interventions abroad. Immediately mobilize military in transforming American energy sector to green technologies. End aide to israel. End aide to Ukraine, Nationalize healthcare with Medicare for all.

Why doesn鈥檛 the United States offer the world an olive branch in exchange for Taiwan and Ukraine independence? Why doesn鈥檛 the United States offer Palestine independence??

@robreiner If 馃憜 were true鈥 would anyone have to say it? Starting wars, sending $$ to Israel and Ukraine are not accomplishments

@ChrisMurphyCT What about Ukraine $$ ? Chris Murphy is being deceitful. There are cuts being made to the poor to cut deficit. Chris Murphy is a liar

@ngozi_nnaka Biden has lost abortion, started a losing war in Ukraine, hastily ran out of Afghanistan and has failed to get his agenda thru despite watering all his plans down to suit reps. How do u think progressives are supposed to succeed?

We are not in a recession people鈥 can u please make a check out to Ukraine with the giant savings you鈥檝e amassed since joe has been president.

Do u think the news media rallied people to support Ukraine so the people were prepared mentally for the inflated military spending?

America ignored Rwanda in the 90鈥檚. America has ignored Palestine forever. America is forking over endless $ to Ukraine. Our government is a terrorist regime. We are the terrorists.

I don鈥檛 understand how people would so easily support Ukraine鈥 but have just as easily ignored Palestine for years.

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