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@VeraVanHorne Surely invaded. Because Lisichansk is Ukraine. Not russia.

@RubenCouso @EgyptianEgle24 @Angelo4justice3 Who are that nazis you are talking about? Who are they? We? What russia did with all that nazis in Ukraine? Where are they? Why they dont talk about them? Where is evidence? Nowehere. But we are brainwashed. Sure.

@RubenCouso @EgyptianEgle24 @Angelo4justice3 Lol We are brainwashed? We, who do not support invading free country? Who do not support killing civilians at store? We, who knows, what russians did in our country (CZ) 80 years ago - which is absolutelly same like what are they doing today in Ukraine? Sure. We are brainwashed.

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