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@HenricCont @MMTLabour @thesiriusreport I believe Russia is way to strong to be wiped off this easily. Ukraine is less than 1/4 of the population, and has zero recourses. If chowing who stands after the war, I鈥檇 bet in Russia

@QTRResearch This fucker really starts getting on my nerve. Acts like NATO is his lap dog. Also lying through his teeth about Russian missile hitting Poland, while its been shown most likely it was Ukraine who fired the shot. Fucking clown

@FritziFeinstaub @disclosetv No, he doesn鈥檛. He stated his terms for negotiations, and none of them are acceptable by Russians. He wants Russians to give up everything in Ukraine, including Crimea, completely withdraw, get all seized Russian funds (over $300B) as reparations, and guarantee for non attack

@InvestorLeap @P4iPereira @disclosetv No. No nuke talks in Russia. Quite the opposite actually. The plan is to kill energy and infrastructure, and force negotiations on Russian terms. Russians want Ukraine

@HannaGrish @The_Real_Fly I wish it was true, but unfortunately so out of reach. Ukraine has lost this war the very day it started. Collective west is the one fighting Russia on Ukrainian territory, and as soon as they back off, Ukraine鈥檚 faith is sealed.

@TimRunsHisMouth Falling off a bike, getting lost during your speeches, blocking and killing oil refineries and drilling, provoking and sponsoring war in Ukraine, starting a war with China, you鈥檝e done it all, Joe!

@TimothyDSnyder Great post. I have only one answer to all your points. Whatever US is doing in Ukraine will destroy America as we know it within 5-10 years. There will be a new big player standing against the states, and then it鈥檚 the matter of trust from all other countries. Doesn鈥檛 look good

@John45359393 @PETERDATE2 @runews I thought fellow Canadians are smarter than this, bud:). Look at how many countries Russia is fighting in Ukraine, also bring under the toughest sanctions ever.

@zerohedge Zelensky place is in Ukraine, fighting the war he had started. Not posing, messaging, begging for money. What a coward

@The_Real_Fly Who warned Iran, again? This little narcissist clown really lost touch with reality:). And all western countries keep sponsoring this a-hole. Not a penny more to Ukraine

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