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#Ukraine: A president of a country (@ZelenskyyUa) fighting Russian aggression is challenging a billionaire who has suddenly become a “geopolitical expert” on Eastern Europe (@elonmusk), revealing deep ignorance or boundless cynicism.👇

@AlexKokcharov @elonmusk @elonmusk, this is not a twitter poll question. We deal with a territorial occupation by the Russian army on Ukrainian soil, with deliberate murder of civilians & other crimes against humanity. Organizing such referendums on the sovereign territory of Ukraine is illegal.

@AlexKokcharov @elonmusk @elonmusk read tons of news, reports etc. about Ukraine and Russian aggression. You brought alternative Internet connection to the region, but your knowledge of this region's geopolitics is poor. Your take is legitimizing the Russian occupation & will benefit Russian propaganda.

#Russia: Fukuyama's reading of the developments in Ukraine and Russia need more analysis to be credible. We have obvious evidence & the “unknown unknown”. Ukraine terrifies Putin, & terrified autocrats are capable of worst-case scenarios. I'll post a new analysis on that tmr.

created in Luhansk, Donetsk and Crimea, after the de-occupation (because Russia will not disappear). After/when Ukraine defeats Russia, it will most likely transform its defense mentality closer to that of Israel (societal preparedness to the eventuality of war).

#Ukraine: Defense Minister Reznikov shared with his views on the future of Ukraine's defense system. Two ideas stand out: 1) The population will have to have total defense preparation (cognitive and psychological preparation and equipping); 2) Special defense brigades will be⤵️

@AlexKokcharov @DimitarBechev Unlike Bulgaria, which has been mired in political turmoil in recent months, Latvia has remained stable at the national level by coordinating strong pro-Ukraine diplomacy in the EU & NATO, and with traditional regional allies (pro-Ukrainian backers - Estonia, Lithuania & Poland).

and that some at the top are in denial about the reality on the ground that is leading to further episodes of defeat. The mobilization is a failure and everything that follows does not bring any convenient prospects for the Russian occupation of southeastern Ukraine.

#Russia: Roskomnadzor is blocking the online platform SoundCloud for circulating inconvenient information about Russia's losses during the ongoing Ukraine's successful counter-offensive. At the same time, pro-Putin pundits openly agree on TV that Russia's situation is bad⤵️

#Ukraine: MFA Kuleba hinted that NATO should cleverly change its reluctance to Ukraine's application for membership just as the EU did before by granting EU candidacy status. The Russian aggression changed the security context and the sense of urgency.

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