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@stillgray Frankly, I am good with it. Putin should never be allowed to take Ukraine.

@2ZigZags86 @leslibless Our bureaucratic State, fostering dependency and destroying enterprise at every turn, is a vastly greater drain on our resources than the relative trifles we send Ukraine to keep Europe, and ultimately China, from replaying the world's 1930s and 40s.

@leslibless Nope. Do you really want to turn Ukraine over to Putin?

@ArtValley818_ Let's hope not until Putin gets the f**k out of Ukraine! Are you wanting to enable Putin?

@GuntherEagleman @tedcruz Disagree. Russia must be stopped AND kicked out of Ukraine!

@zerohedge No. Wouldn't need to. Energy production would be through the roof with vastly lower prices. Russia would not be in Ukraine, and we would onshoring manufacturing at a prodigious rate.

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