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@Dpol_un Well, if you have unleashed the most absurd war in the history of the world, the absurdity of bombing the nuclear plant you're occupying is no big deal. In any case, you should also explain why Ukraine would bomb their own plant, which will soon be recovered.

@geopol_monitor I see one!!! Russia gets kicked out of Ukraine and then eats crow, as usual. Then they will get concentrated in their own civil war, much more important for the future of their individual leaders than Ukraine.

@DmitriGuzhel @DustKeith @DmytroKuleba Delusion after delusion. Even if that were true (which is not), the US will keep supporting Ukraine till the end. From now it's not about that at all. It's about whether or not Putin (or his successor) can hold together the Russian Federation.

@DmitriGuzhel @DmytroKuleba Keep supporting Ukraine. Putin has been threatening and drawing "red lines" since Feb 24th, with no practical consequence. These territories "joining Russia" is bullshit. Russians are not ready to die for Donbas or Kherson, no matter what they say.

@UK_Engineer_Mat @novussubsole @scawhitwell @LawDavF @shaunwalker7 That's not quite correct. The US honoured disarmement treaties during the Cold War and after (just like Gorbachev's USSR and after, to be honest). Now: USA said "Russia will invade Ukraine". Russia said "no, we will not invade". No more questions, Your Honour...

@mtracey So I understand he wants Ukraine to be destroyed.

@RealCynicalFox It seems we are witnessing the last round of WWII, the final showdown between Russia and the West (with Ukraine in the main role). Moscow has always disguised as the victim of agression, when in fact it was an agressor. And the account is being settled at Russia's initiative.

@ClintEhrlich All that Russia declares is bullshit. So if you're rooting for Ukraine and the West to be scared, you'll be disappointed, just like with oil and gas.

@thesiriusreport Looks like 1984's "double thinking". Soon we'll hear "oh yes, we were saying from the beginning that Ukraine was winning". Feels like Putin is going to lose fans worldwide very fast. Many people are fascinated by bad guys, but they don't like losers.

@russianforces @SecDef19 BULLSHIT: in a televised address in February, Putin said of his invasion of Ukraine: 鈥淣o matter who tries to stand in our way鈥hey must know that Russia will respond immediately, and the consequences will be such as you have never seen in your entire history.鈥 馃憞

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