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@dainserk I think Russia has sufficiently demilitarized themselves in Ukraine enough that they don't even make the top 10 if you don't include their nukes. They've functionally depleted their Soviet era stores. That is fucking insane...

I don't exactly know the role Brandon fills over there. But from what I've seen he works to evacuate civilians and casualties from combat areas within Ukraine, as well as provide supplies to the locals. Regardless of how you feel about the war (I say fuck Russian, tho) you...

... part in Ukraine. Why? Because Russia has made itself into an international pariah on par of that like North Korea and Iran. Their supposed "alliance" with China is shaky. They know they cannot survive fully committing to these actions. Don't take dictators at face value.

- The "strategic forces" being put on standby are also not a change in Putin's actions. He did it at the start of this war to bluster strength and is doing so again. - Russia cannot pursue an expanded ground war in Europe. They cannot even fight Ukraine. This is why they're...

@sovereignravens @Tankgorl You get shot in a sunflower field in Ukraine while trying to charge an enemy position with a bayonet.

It's so crazy to watch footage of the Ukraine war taken by the furthest forward Ukrainian units and see knocked out T-62s loitering the area. Shit's medieval.

I don't think we're going to be okay. We're being blamed for the Ukraine war. Just sort of let that sit for a moment in your head. Trans people are the modern scapegoat. We're blamed for everything wrong in the world, but this? How does the world come back from this?

@ProfessorBalth But given the war in Ukraine I have no doubt SPGs will get a MUCH greater emphasis in their development. Like with smart munitions!

@road_dancer It doesn't seem like either side is really able to commit to that doctrine, or at least not fully. A lot of things about the Ukraine war seems to be an aberration but it could just be how similar speculative situations in the future play out.

Considering the situation the helicopter is in in Ukraine, I wonder if we're going to see emphasis taken away from the attack helicopter gunship and put onto adding supplemental weapons systems to more kinds of transport helicopters if at all.

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