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Defence of Ukraine
Офіційна сторінка Міністерства оборони України 🇺🇦 Official page of the Ministry of Defense of Ukrai
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Tens of thousands of russians are trying to cross russia's borders to avoid mobilization and inevitable death in Ukraine. Be careful when denying them a visa. They may return to russia and accidentally overthrow the government.

Private Roman Glomba was awarded the title Hero of Ukraine for shooting down SIX enemy planes. Our golden MANPADS. Congratulations to our colleagues @ng_ukraine

Senior Soldier of the 93rd Mechanized Brigade Serhiy Sova was posthumously awarded the title Hero of Ukraine by @ZelenskyyUa The photo of his mutilated hand with a 🇺🇦 bracelet found at the mass burial site in Izyum became a tragic symbol of russian atrocities in Kharkiv region.

.@oleksiireznikov for @WSJ "This war requires quick and nonstandard solutions... Ukraine has begun carrying out some complex repairs of Western-style armaments in Ukraine and mastered the production of around 10% of needed spare parts." More:

The most popular game in Ukraine this past summer. Ukrainian HIMARS launch missiles, while russian pontoon bridges, ferries, ammunition depots and military bases “catch” them. - Catch this one, russkies!

"As a result of the negotiations, 55 servicemen who were in grave danger in captivity have returned from Ukraine"- russian MoD. It’s quite the opposite. They are in grave danger after rejoining the russian terrorist army, while Ukrainian captivity guaranteed them life and safety.

Relatives of russian soldiers killed in Ukraine often spend monetary compensation for their death on new cars. One major car manufacturer in russia predicts a demand increase of 500,000 for Ladas, their flagship product, next year. AvtoVAZ believes in #UAarmy

.@GP_Ukraine More than 1,147 children in Ukraine became victims of the russia’s full-scale aggression. - 390 children killed; - more than 757 children injured.

Last night russian terrorists attempted to strike the South Ukraine Nuclear Power Plant in the Mykolaiv region. A missile fell 300 meters from the plant. kremlin’s nuclear terrorism continues. russia is the threat to the whole world.

8-year-old Masha at her dad’s funeral. Artem Synelnykov, defender of Ukraine, was killed in action by the occupiers in the Kharkiv region counteroffensive. Heroes never die, their memory lives on. Photo: olladyka I Instagram

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