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I’m in a bad State, not mentally…New York #MAGA
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@APTeacher1754 @juliavkril I agree Putin is smart to wait til we were weak to do anything. Now we have our weapons given to Ukraine showing up in Africa? I will never agree on BILLIONS to another Countries War.

@POTUS Wow, we are suffering and you are confident as you wave the Ukraine Flag in our House? Another sad day in Bidens America

@hoonior4 @ABC Idiot, sorry I won’t support Billions to Ukraine any longer when we Americans are suffering, we aren’t the same 🤡

@ABC This is just disgusting, this whole administration is a fucking joke! They waved the Ukraine Fkag in OUR fucking HOUSE!!! 🖕🏼

She ripped up our Presidents State of the Union Speech, and now holds up the Ukraine Flag for Zelenskyy with Cameltoe…thankfully she is leaving soon @SpeakerPelosi is a threat to our Democracy

@GovKathyHochul @ZelenskyyUa Fuck you Kathy! No, NY does NOT support BILLLIONS to Ukraine! You do NOT speak for us you POS!!!!

@MadeInTheUSANJ @DonaldJTrumpJr Says the POS that supports Billions to Ukraine while Americans suffer??? 🤡

So more debt relief to Ukraine while we struggle…#BidensAmerica #AmericaLast

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