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@DGisSERIOUS @EliotHiggins And that is the actual reason that Russia started the war: Putin couldn’t tolerate Ukraine turning toward the West.

@AdamKinzinger “I love Ukraine, but I, the smartest and most reasonable man on earth, believe that the best thing for Ukraine is to let Putin brutalize Ukraine without Ukraine fighting back.”

@AdamKinzinger “I love Ukraine but I believe the best thing for Ukraine is to give Putin everything he wants and not fight back.”

@courage_deh @RALee85 Ukraine signaled room for negotiations on that issue early on, but claimed that Russia wasn’t negotiating in good faith. I’m suggesting this bluster by Russia might be a cover to prepare for taking less than they originally hoped for.

@KyleWOrton He said “we will be greeted as liberators” in Iraq … which is, by the way, exactly the same delusion that led Putin to Ukraine

@Kararrist @sam_d_1995 It’s not “conservative” exactly. It’s actually a very sad ignorance of the way the rest of the developed world works coupled with disturbing brainwashing teaching that America is always the best at everything. The same mechanism by which Russians are proud of invading Ukraine.

@satoshidisco @KyivIndependent Deforestation becoming critical, Interior Ministry say, as Russia begins building casket for obese general killed in Ukraine

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