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@unanimous42069 @pip_dragon @Talk_to_RM @blackintheempir No wonder why you know nothing about Russia and Ukraine. Too busy making it your life鈥榮 mission to know about the latest meme. 馃槀馃ぃ

@unanimous42069 @Talk_to_RM @blackintheempir You falsely accused me of being a vatnik or what the fuck ever when I literally presented you an article from the Ukraine government that you failed to read. Baseless af and no surprise from the 馃嚭馃嚘 crowd.

@unanimous42069 @Talk_to_RM @blackintheempir The article is literally published by government of Ukraine, bright one 馃ぁ

@blibberbl0b What do you think the end game is for Ukraine? Looks like they might be abandoned after these elections because of the 鈥楥hina threat鈥 More msm articles are popping up about zelenskyy鈥檚 corruption too

@blibberbl0b His description of China鈥檚 behavior is literally the US鈥 actual behavior. His comments suggest a further challenging of One China policy. He wants to jump out of the Ukraine frying pan and into the Taiwanese fire. No thanks.

@TheShogunGamer @MarshaBlackburn Apparently, Republicans are jealous of Biden giving billions to Ukraine and want their turn to give away tens of billions of dollars for a proxy war. This time to Taiwan

@POTUS Pay taxes for what? To give it all up to Ukraine?

@SIR_iosis This person thinks that Ukraine has won every battle. 馃檭 There鈥檚 a strong correlation鈥

@SIR_iosis I guess the jabbed and super boosted with Ukraine flag in profile type of people will vote for them 馃槄

@htown25 It鈥檚 gonna be fun show watching liberals trying to call conservatives extremists after they went all out for Ukraine nazis 馃帾馃槀

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