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@nast_k @Hal9O0 @TurloughADK @pawelwargan Do you even care about the Ukrainian people? Do you want this war to carry on? Do you seriously believe Ukraine can win!! Do you want NATO to intervene? Do you want WW3? Are you insane?

@nast_k @Hal9O0 @TurloughADK @pawelwargan Sounds like you鈥檙e choking on American propaganda! You need to learn something fast, America doesn鈥檛 care about Ukraine or it鈥檚 people, they鈥檙e being used as cannon fodder. Most Ukrainian people now know this even Zelensky but they鈥檙e powerless to stop the US.

@nikita_squirrel I agree that only negotiations can end the war but that鈥檚 something NATO don鈥檛 want! The new territories will clearly have to be part of the negotiation鈥檚 but it鈥檚 highly unlikely that neither Russia or the citizens of Donetsk, Luhansk & Crimea will want to rejoin #Ukraine.

@nikita_squirrel The new Russian territories will never be returned to Ukraine by force. So to Crimea. Encouraging the Ukrainians to carry on fighting until the last drop of blood is reckless careless and cruel. Only negotiations can end this war, something NATO don鈥檛 want.

@nikita_squirrel Guarantees were also given to Russia that NATO wouldn鈥檛 push up towards their borders, that鈥檚 been thrown away leaving Russia with their invasion justification that Ukraine became an existential threat to their security.

All socialists should have an opinion on the war in #Ukraine #Russia #UkraineRussiaWar #SocialistSunday Do you support鈥

@ElaineDyson1 Hi Elaine, can I ask鈥o you support sending more weapons to #Ukraine ? Do you support Zelensky? Or do you support a ceasefire and peace negotiations?

@hughessarakham The blood thirsty war mongers at NATO HQ who started this whole bloody mess, don鈥檛 care one bit about the lives of Ukrainian鈥檚. Russia will clearly win this war & Ukraine will be completely destroyed.Not the first country to be led to destruction by the Americans!!

While #NATO double down on the bad bet called #Ukraine, more people die, more destruction is caused & more money is wasted. The US, NATO The UK & The EU all have blood on their hands for provoking this conflict with #Russia. #Newsnight #StopTheWar

@theresecoffey Maybe you should be looking for a peaceful negotiated settlement instead of pumping more guns & bombs into Ukraine!

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