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To all the zombies out there: this was WAS NOT started by USA or by Ukraine. The reason of this war WAS NOT NATO expansion. Putin started the war in 2014 even before Ukraine considered becoming a part of NATO.

@dukhovnoe_litso their problem is that many don't get, that it was Ukrainians who made decision to fight. Neither USA, nor EU or anyone else. Only Ukraine decide what to do about this war, and people have chosen to fight maybe surprisingly for even our UA government.

@leekinbrown @ne_znaidete does Ukraine attack other countries? how do you even dare to compare us with them. just shut up

@POTUS give Ukraine long-range missiles! The russian terracts must be stopped now.

@fermerzpolissia @jakeshieldsajj Ukraine is a part of Europe. And the wars in Europe concern Europe directly, their outcomes can put european countries in danger too. Things that are going on in Africa or Asia should be regulated by the africans and the asians.

@apmassaro3 happy birthday! thank you for everything you do for Ukraine!

@Dosmasdos618 @noclador woah, living in Ukraine for my entire life, have never seen millions of ukrainians supporting russia. as for Poland, they have never claimed their right for ukrainian territories.

Ukrainians have never shared the same values and never practiced the same politics that nazi did. Glory to Ukraine and Glory to Heroes is by no means refering to our superiority. It's about our aspiration to freedom and our respects to people who sacrificed their lives for it. 7/

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