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All of Putin鈥檚 power is based on strength and fear! If he loses in The Ukraine all of that disappears and his government collapses!

@labyrinthweaver None of Putin鈥檚 remaining enemies will move on him until he is officially defeated in the Ukraine!

@mtracey So the US is responsible for Putin invading The Ukraine?

Joe Biden's full throat support for Ukraine is working!

@sami_baaj @CaliforniaCPI No they are not! They are flying the flag of a country that invaded The Ukraine and the flag of a country that invaded Tibet in 1949 and have been occupying it ever since!

@maelduin13 @dcpetterson What does successfully protect The Ukraine look like?

@AJEnglish The Ukraine has fought The Russians to a standstill?

@Acyn Biden is responsible for the war in The Ukraine?

@Snowden Still no comment on your meal ticket invading The Ukraine?

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