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"Poland can transfer F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine only in coordination with NATO," - Pol Prime Minister Morawiecki Maybe they'll pull another special info op on them as they did with Ger and the tanks-you transfer them now but we can't until next year. Wake up, Europe dearest. https://t.co/CYj3hk3wpt

"Europe does not have a real foreign policy, as well as a defense one. We always find ourselves after the Americans. We must do everything to ensure that the conflict never expands. Neither NATO nor Europe, which is obliged to help Ukraine, are at war with Russia.” 🇮🇹 MFA

"The next European war will begin in the Ukraine": American magazine "Look" in March 1939 They knew decades ago where it would happen as if they orchestrated it. Oh wait, but they did. https://t.co/kv5EGQWhwi

Macron suggested that Europe form its own security system, without the United States, which would include Moldova, Ukraine, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia, and "in the future, Belarus as well. Add to that R and Eu would be well off both economically and in terms of security.

Who destroyed Nord Stream? P. Putin: “Who is interested in supplying Russian gas to Europe only through Ukraine? That's the one that destroyed it."

Macron urged Europe to rely less on the United States for security - and to provide security guarantees to Russia as part of negotiations to end the war in Ukraine, writes WSJ. This is exactly all it would've taken to prevent the conflict from escalating. Is it too late now? https://t.co/nf29VwEqwn

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