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Daniel L. Davis
Foreign Policy/Mil expert. Appears on Fox, CNN & other nets. 4x combat vet (Desert Storm, OIF, Afgha
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Ukraine won a major victory & Putin a stinging defeat in Kherson - but beyond the emotional satisfaction, RU preserved 30k troops & set conditions for a winter offensive that poses serious risk for Kyiv. I explain how @19_forty_five @defpriorities https://t.co/7TfzbIo67d

@Liisu_A @tracegallagher @FoxNews @defpriorities Better Q: why should Ukraine continue to fight a war it can鈥檛 win, condemning 1000s more to avoidable deaths? I totally understand the hatred for invading forces; I鈥檇 feel the same. But this war can鈥檛 b won by Kyiv. Continuing the fight won鈥檛 chg outcome but will add casualties.

Why is the Admin sending more US combat power ever closer to Ukraine border? We play a dangerous game when we get US and Ru combat troops in close proximity. I explain why these moves put US nat sec at foolishly high risk @19_forty_five for @defpriorities https://t.co/zZ3yz1hGDE

Saying the US is going to support Ukraine "as long as it takes" isn't a strategy. Admin needs to eliminate actions that unnecessarily raise nuclear risks for US. I explain why/how that's dangerous for our country on @TuckerCarlson for @defpriorities https://t.co/Umlfh2APv9

@dacues72 @HillTVLive @defpriorities I get it. No one wants to hear the truth if it doesn鈥檛 support their preference. The reality is that even Ukraine will b harmed/destroyed if Putin is pushed into a no-win corner and resorts to nukes.

Many Americans are understandably enthusiastic about helping Kyiv defeat RU & drive them out of Ukraine. Few realize, however, that such *success* would pose significant risk to US national security. I explain the dangers @19_forty_five @defpriorities https://t.co/ThC6Y6OoiR

An unpleasant, counterintuitive truth: the more our efforts to help Ukraine militarily defeat Russia succeed, the greater the risk to our security from a nuke exchange. I explain to @robbysoave on @HillTVLive, a change in policy is needed. @defpriorities https://t.co/y9Gqkr6StJ

Belarus isn't a serious military power, but any escalation of the war beyond the borders of Ukraine increases the risk the war eventually expands to include US & NATO. I explain how @WIONews @defpriorities https://t.co/pNVAz2D5vD

Maintaining the status quo of unquestioned and unending spt to Ukraine isn't going to bring the conflict to an end & keeps alive the risk of nuclear escalation. I explain why that's bad for the US to Laura Ingraham @IngrahamAngle on @FoxNews @defpriorities https://t.co/o9yOClSEps

@DEMurray8 @HillTVLive @defpriorities Yeah, I get that all the time. Sadly, many only want to hear cheerleading statements that Ukraine is winning n Russia is losing (regardless of the reality of a given tactical moment). Sadly, objective observations r rejected if they don鈥檛 support preferred narratives.

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