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US officials: Initial findings indicate Ukraine fired missile that hit Poland

@Corey65099 @IAPonomarenko Yah sure. Next they will leave Ukraine to a better 鈥瀞trategic position鈥. RU never get tired of finding excuses 馃ぁ馃ぃ

@nitwittwit1 @mjmayo68 @AZgeopolitics Why should that be a declaration of war? It鈥檚 not up to RU to decide who enters Ukraine or not. According to your logic Iran also declared war as they entered Ukranian soil

@DotPavaa No need to go there. Ukraine will defeat them alone馃檪 Russia already lost 40% of its previous gains and they will lose the rest too

@UKR_Report Like Belarus could be a legitimate target if they are used against Ukraine?

@SamRamani2 They are creating the narrative of a possible invasion by Ukraine or even Nato. That鈥檚 why they are publicly building 鈥瀌efense lines鈥 at the border using styrofoam鈥

@Gerashchenko_en Simple excuses for losing the war against Ukraine

@Shamroc95976688 @pattoporowski @fil_McKraken @WarMonitors Yah sure you want a deal. RU is losing this war. So you want them to make the best out of it. It鈥檚 up to Ukraine if they want to proceed to fight for their independence. Get over it.

@Shamroc95976688 @pattoporowski @fil_McKraken @WarMonitors In this case I don鈥檛 care, right. Bc what US did doesn鈥檛 excuse what RU does. I visited a school and know where Ukraine is. It鈥檚 not far from my country.

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