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Wide awake and Woke AF #F
Democratic Socialist, Metrologist, Ex-British military (REME & RAF Regt.) Neoliberalism is killing our planet.
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@BenShmuel7 @V_Palestine20 Cheap and easy way to claim F-35 is proven in battle. Israel is nothing more than a weapons testing lab for NATO. But how long will Israel remain their useful idiot once Ukraine becomes the new Israel?

Well, if it was Ukraine, the white western world and it's corporate media would be incandescent with rage right now. So I'm guessing it's brown civilians getting bombed by US NATO allies again. Am I right?

@MailS @ThatTylerPopp @DagnyTaggart963 @MI6Fella "Zelenskyy, who is Jewish, has on several occasions stressed the importance of maintaining close ties with Israel, which he hailed as a model for Ukraine." Currently close ties remain unrequited. https://t.co/eY6zxDk9iU

@MailS @ThatTylerPopp @DagnyTaggart963 @MI6Fella I'm quite happy to criticise both Russia and Ukraine for being Ultra-Neoliberal Nazi dickheads. It's why I said 'region'. Funny how it's the 馃嚭馃嚘 flagshaggers who are so insecure as to accuse legitimate critics as being Putin sympathisers.

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