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@jane_takaja @EasternBear @amnesty Yes. Very true. Like the Azov Battalion. Only problem is not all are Ukrainians, some are Americans, Brits etc. Even Ukraine itself attacks them once in a while with a himars. So bad for the occupiers 馃槅

@exileoftza @StevenHorrobin @ZeitgeistOyster @czeburashka @ShedBackwards @MMouse44073558 @apmassaro3 So after a whole 2 hours of typing, there's no clear sign of Ukraine driving out Russia out of its 25% teritory. Instead Russia just captured another area. Grab a gun or a himars and fight real battles instead of wasting time with us folks enjoying our nights at home. Good night

@StevenHorrobin @exileoftza @czeburashka @ShedBackwards @MMouse44073558 @apmassaro3 Your assumptions are misleading you. It's the reason Ukraine and NATO are bidding us farewell.

@StevenHorrobin @exileoftza @czeburashka @ShedBackwards @MMouse44073558 @apmassaro3 Am not paid. Am telling you Ukraine deserves its punishment for it had been doing similar things for long.

@exileoftza @ShedBackwards @MMouse44073558 @apmassaro3 If you promote something without evidence, then you are telling lies. Propaganda. Twisting facts. Your reaction then turns to insults, denial, bad attitude and curses. Unfortunately Russia is not dying, Ukraine is.

@exileoftza @czeburashka @ShedBackwards @MMouse44073558 @apmassaro3 It's not a war. Its a special military operation to stop Ukraine from attacking the sovereign states of DPR and LPR

@exileoftza @ShedBackwards @MMouse44073558 @apmassaro3 Why do you it fit and just for Ukraine to shell Donba yet unfit and unjust for Russia to save Donbas from that kind of shelling?

@FraterLeonatus @exileoftza @magoat7 @MMouse44073558 @apmassaro3 Look at the map, the news, what's on the ground, soon it will be 30% taken. It's not my fault Ukraine is loosing land

@MMouse44073558 @exileoftza @apmassaro3 Hahaha, on its own. That army was trained and armed by NATO for over 8 years. The mercenaries in prison are combined NATO countries, it's an open secret NATO nations are coordinating the proxy war and logistics . So it's Russia against NATO which doesn't qualify Ukraine as weak.

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