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@GlasnostGone So many cowards. Won't go die in Ukraine. Won't confront Putin.

@wartranslated They're cowards. Won't fight in Ukraine. Won't fight Putin.

@joesphjoe118 @CNBCi War is expensive. Russia is spending more than $1B a day in Ukraine.

@WeaponsNotWords @Spartaks @KingLutherQ @trussliz 1st No one in the world wants A-10s, not even Ukraine. They declined A-10s when we offered them. 2nd Ukraine doesn't have a single airfield that could handle F-16s. Not to mention, it takes years to train maintenance personnel. It's just not going to happen any time soon.

@JGChandler1 @KyivIndependent Ukraine doesn't have the infrastructure required for our planes. Years of training will be required once they do. There's a lot that goes into fielding a weapons system. Abrams tanks require vast quantities of aviation fuel, a logistics nightmare for Ukraine. It's not easy.

@Schattenfuchs82 @UAWeapons A few weeks ago, pictures surfaced of armor junk yards in Ukraine. Looks like they strip damaged Russian vehicles for parts to keep theirs going.

@TrueFac09664970 @nytimes There will be no peace until Russia leaves Ukraine. All of Ukraine. Until then, Russian blood will fertilize Ukrainian fields.

@Bas648 @Stvrob_63 @FreeAndHappy43 @mhmck Good thing is that Ukraine also captured some of their own ammo dumps that were under Russian control. Russia didn't appear to have stolen much of their ammo.

@VnhkUmT2FrcvVrG @KyivIndependent Ukraine doesn't have the infrastructure to field F-16s. Runways are too crude. Pilots need a year of training. Maintenance personnel need years of training. Thousands of pieces of support equipment needs to be transferred. Supply lines opened. It's a massive undertaking.

@ChristopherJM We're at a time where Ukraine has been quite adept at wiping out train loads of reinforcements before they get to the front. These guys are already dead. They just have to suffer for a few weeks first.

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