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@TheRickWilson I'd start with just them pulling out of Ukraine. Vastly more (along the lines you suggest) will need to happen to have a hope of normalizing relations, but a withdrawal gets us to the end of this war.

@B_Birke @berlin_bridge I understand and she was right - doubly so given the awful way other countries played fast and loose with regulations related to debt and the Euro. But she could cry over that injustice but not show real regret over her role in the worse mutilations of Ukraine that Putin demands.

@LucyHouser Financial support for Ukraine is a twofer - we get to help grind the RU military (China's strongest ally) into the dust AND likely are thereby helping to deter China (which means we might never have to fight CN and pay in both treasure and blood to keep it from seizing Taiwan).

@maria_drutska We rejoice with you - this is so much your victory, bought with so much pain and suffering. And we want it to be complete and bring forth a Ukraine that is strong and secure.

@EHunterChristie Absolutely - whatever Ukrainians need to negotiate need not in the least way constrain what we do to achieve some modicum of justice and security. The whole point of crimes against humanity is that Russia's criminality in Ukraine is not just between those two countries.

I hope some bright folk in Ukraine are thinking about what to do with all of the cement building blocks the Russians are providing them...

Check this out... https://t.co/EKRSBXqGc5 As much as it will be hard to be away from my darlings for the extra day or two for the Slavicist conference - am very excited about this panel - Catherine Wanner is a very, very good scholar of contemporary Ukraine.

I pray God received Major Yuriy to himself, that He will console his wife, children, and all who loved him - and bless his sacrifice by allowing a free, prosperous and secure Ukraine to rise from this war.

@irune212a @bctallis Doubly so for the US. That Russian power is being broken in Ukraine benefits us not only in Europe but in the Middle East and esp. the Pacific. China was counting on RU as a strong junior partner. Those hopes are dying on the steppes and in the Black Sea. 1

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