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@Golden_Pup There is so much $$$ that could be saved e.g. Freeland gave $3.1 billion of OUR $$$ to her beloved Ukraine so far this year. Imagine if that $3.1 billion had been directed to low-income / fixed-income Canadians hardest hit by inflation

@nomadgeekpr @GDarkconrad Yes look at the map. Belarus borders Poland. It can send troops south along the Polish - Ukraine border and cut-off all shipments of western arms.

@GDarkconrad Something big is brewing! I read that Belarus might be joining in the fight with Russia to completely cut-off Ukraine from Poland! Not sure how that would work out but it would be a game-changer for sure!

@aronaya @lisapease Biden didn't ignore opportunities to reduce tensions Biden has been instigating the provocation's that brought the world to the brink of nuclear war starting with the 2014 U.S. engineered coup in Ukraine. Biden's people (Blinken/Nuland) WANTED this proxy war!

@hollyanndoan @FinanceCanada @cafreeland These are not loans. Ukraine will never be able to pay this latest $450 million back to Canada. This is Ukrainian-Canadian Freeland giving more of OUR $$ to her beloved Ukraine where her grandad was the TOP Nazi collaborator. How do we know she isn't getting a kickback?

@TheLastRefuge2 Now that you mention it I haven't seen her around for a while. Last time I heard from her she was taking veiled swipes at Tucker for his Ukraine stance. Maybe she has decided to quit Fox and join a more fervently pro-war news outlet. She would be right at home on MSNBC

@sunlorrie Probably because we don't believe the lie that Putin is a "dictator" Probably because we know about the recent events in Ukraine which forced Putin to take action against a country rife with actual Nazi's. Whatever happened to "never again" Lorrie? Remember that refrain?

@arK23061879 @sunlorrie Goldstein isn't a journalist. He is a high-paid propagandist parroting the Trudeau/Freeland/Corporate Media approved official narrative that "there are no Nazi's in Ukraine.. that's misinformation" Thankfully we don't have to rely on the Goldstein's of the world to be informed.

@TheLastRefuge2 As far as actions inside Ukraine I think Putin will completely destroy rail and road links with Poland, Hungary and Moldovia. For some reason Putin has left these corridors open up till now. If there is a blockade of Kaliningrad those arteries get severed.

@jonkay What world leader isn't a psychopath? Trump was a lightweight compared to Obama who destroyed Libya, Syria & Ukraine resulting in 100's of thousands of deaths. A lightweight compared to Bush whose illegal invasion of Iraq killed a million. Also Trump did not set a mob on Pence!

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