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@DjrellAZDelta @MayoIsSpicyy There were ‘no consequences’ for the American civil war 🤔, why should there be consequences for Russia invading Ukraine over 150 years later?

@DjrellAZDelta @MayoIsSpicyy Let me search your timeline for your condemnations of putin, his suppression of free media and political opposition, his imperialist speeches, his invasion of Ukraine, the war crimes of his military etc etc. How long do you think it will take me?

@PashaSails @MayoIsSpicyy Lol. What is Russia’s invasion of Ukraine if it’s not imperialism? Pedophilia? 😂

@OneQuantumLeap @___scientist___ @marymodestus Evidence since February suggests so. US and European support has enabled Ukraine to avoid being overrun by an invading army. How could anyone complain about that? Well, apart from the invaders who’ve been embarrassed on the battlefield.

@j_nobbs @Lukewearechange Sure, it’s a message. And the idea that Ukraine is responsible is laughable.

@Oilfield_Rando You don’t. Nobody is shelling it, Russia claims Ukraine are as a reason not to let International Atomic Energy Agency inspectors into the site.

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