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@BipBeepBoop @NOELreports I know. Literally same story as Ukraine 2014. Invade country, support separatists, have pro ruzzian government, and if people don't comply, full scale invasion.

@AdamHarris83 @dmnskk @wartranslated We know you mean ruzzia nazis, but some head sick individuals, icl. ruzzia itself, loves using it here on twitter to call Ukraine Nazi. So, when saying this word, at first glance, it's hard to tell if you're hater or pissing on ruzzia. After reading it, we ofc know you mean ruZZ

@Tendar We're never gonna forget the legendary: "The way out of the conflict is for ruzzia to leave Ukraine. THAT'S the way out of the conflict!" - Sanna Marin 馃嚭馃嚘馃嚭馃嚘馃嚭馃嚘鉁娾湂鉁

@Tendar I mean, when "time" is NOT on Ukraine's side? It's been since the start. With every passing day, Ukraine is getting more and more support, while ruZ is getting a fraction from poor autocratic countries. With every passing day, ruZ spends millions/billions of dollars for nothing.

@navalny I think this is the 1st time he said Crimea belongs to Ukraine. Indirectly, but it's a good start.

@Zelenooq72 @ohmland28 @JazzCat44 @NOELreports I just LOVE when people compare Iraq (ultra totalitarian dictatorship with terrorists hiding in) and Ukraine (democratic European country). Vatniks would also mention Afghanistan. If US invaded Cuba or Mexico, called them nazis and wanted their "historic" territory, I'd agree.

@jona_jc5 @jurinushi @Tendar And again, the same ruzzian bullshit all over again... I guarantee, if there was a genocide in Ukraine, west would be the FIRST to respond to it. But dozens international observers haven't seen ANY genocide. Plus, look at Donbass after 8 years of "bombing" and look at Mariupol..

@jurinushi However, if a territory is in dispute, international boarders can't help. It's either war or diplomacy. Ukraine is none of this - it has boarders and is full sovereign country. But as said, case with Kosovo is much more complicated.

@jurinushi It was, but in an agreeing sense, not opposing. Yea, the "Ukraine is ruzzia's history" is basically everything that I mentioned, meaning it's pure bullshit looking at history like this. 馃憤

@jurinushi @jona_jc5 @Olympus_Shadow @Tendar Lol, with this logic, Hungary should annex south Slovakia, Germany Sudets in Czechia, Poland Lvov in Ukraine, Japan Korean peninsula, Mexico California and Texas in USA and I could go on and on and on... It would be a MESS. There's a reason why international boarders exist.

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