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@timtron2020 She's just waving the sales brochures around. By Washington standards she's almost a peacenik - equipment, yes, but no call for nuclear first strike? Surely Ukraine is worth the total destruction of the world?

@crustycobs @YouTube Yes, a no-brainer. Ukraine has no facilities to resupply its own forces, it's relies totally on NATO supply. That means long, slow supply lines. Russia has massive manufacturing capacity and short supply lines. NATO stand-off weapons are only a threat to civilian infrastructure.

@crustycobs @YouTube I liked the part where Paul points out that a large wedge of US war funding for Ukraine goes to hire Washington lobbyists to lobby for more US funding for Ukraine.

@leftnotlabour No doubt the CIA will be happy to hear it and US State Department can contemplate the pleasure of stealing Iranian oil, denying Russia a strategic ally and, of course, breaking China's plans for BRICS in the mid-east. Another Ukraine in the making? Hope your friends are wrong.

@MerryMichaelW @juneslater17 Based on the reality of EU behaviour with Greece and now the fiasco of total US policy subservience on Ukraine administered by unelected bureaucrat Von Der Leyen, is it necessary to admire the paperwork or can we just take it as read?

@SuzieWo20886208 Da. Have body of Lada tractor. It never die. Not stomach pump, oil change to winter grade for Ukraine.

Seems we should buy Raytheon shares. They got over US$16 billion in new contracts in Q3. Just one querter! Wonderful news for US taxpayers and prospects for peace in Ukraine. Oops, sorry, mustn't upset people by using the "P" word.

@mrsDugskullery @jon_trickett @Tykethat2 Evidently it's much more important to send 拢billions in military aid to Ukraine than to support our civil aviation infrastructure.

@timtron2020 One reading of Crenshaw's tweet is that the US is investing in the destruction of the Ukrainian military. They aren't doing much damage to Russian military, hence the desperate attacks on civilians. Given the likely outcome, it seems Ukraine joins Europe in being "the adversary".

@DagnyTaggart963 @crustycobs Ukraine chose to be a US vassal state, an arrangement which thanks to US sanctions on Russian energy is profitable for US but disasterous for sanction supporters like Germany and UK. Ukraine will be a wreck for decades regardless, as those controlled by US invariably are.

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