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@olegGD @TopBanana51820 @Reuters Having russian base beats annexation. Ukraine were the first to use prisoners themselves, look at Kraken. There is a long history of that sunce 2014. We are yet to see any evidence Russia is doing it

@Annayepbelle @JohnLukeGodard @Reuters Way better for babushkas in Russia than Ukraine. Just look at pension and their gas bills

@olegGD @TopBanana51820 @Reuters More Ukrainian troops dying in this conflict, and Russia has not started to mobilize. So, the best thing for Ukraine is to sit down for peace talks, lose Donbas (most ppl there dont want to be part of Ukraine), negotiate return of other areas perhaps with Rus military bases there

@olegGD @TopBanana51820 @Reuters Ukraine can hate Russia all they want but neutrality means no Nato membership, no Nato bases in Ukraine. The sooner Ukraine understands this, the better, and fewer territory would be lost. Russia is stronger. Ukraine needs to suck it up and negotiate best deal while they can

@TopBanana51820 @Reuters The aims have not changed: 1) Ukraine neutrality, 2) donbas/crimea (4/5 done), 3) denazification (largely completed with Azov nazi batalion destroyed), smaller Ukrainian military (underway)

@GooRee @Reuters UN says there are like 5K civilians deaths (half probably killed by Ukrainian artillery). How could this add up to tens of thousands of war crimes? Also 5K does not add up to genocide.. otherwise Putin is right as Ukraine killed as many civilians in Donbas

@Annayepbelle @JohnLukeGodard @Reuters Zelenskiy told you that? And that is why Ukraine is firing at a nuclear plant for many days in a row.

@S22Kitt @Reuters Russia will not build anything with Ukraine anymore. Ukraine has been given a chance for many years to peacefully coexist with Russia but they blew it. Russia said no more

@Reuters really? Why r u even publishing #Ukrainian propaganda? Russia is in control of this plant and nearby area for the last 4 mnths. Clearly, it is #Ukraine shelling the nuclear station. This just proves how much of a liar is Zelenskiy

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