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I believe in God and America.
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@POTUS I am not. Ukraine is a sham just like January 6th. Stop spending America's money.

@JoeBiden I am not sure if you know what common sense is? 6.1 billion to Ukraine in just a few months..yup no common sense.

6.1 billion. I need to do my research but when has another country sent that much for foreign aid in a few months.. remember Trump also sent Ukraine money for weapons. So they have got billions from us.

@prayerfeathers @LindseyGrahamSC Yeah I am pretty certain he did. As I remember he also sent money to Ukraine. Research

@deplorablican 1000% but it is not to protect Ukraine. It is money for their agenda . We're is the breakdown? Should they have to produce this ?

Another 1.2 billion to the Ukraine? Screw this president! And all of you that voted for this fool! You are to blame for the state that our country is in. Pure idiots!

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