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@visegrad24 This is literally why I don't care about all of the red herring arguments going on about Ukraine. It's about how Russia has made other Slavs live under the boot for generations, and I don't care to see it again.

@blackintheempir "In Ukraine" is the key part of that statement, not Russia. BTW, if Russia is such a good actor, when did they ever appeal to the UN Security Council about EU/NATO/US Agreesion before their invasion? They clearly believe in that body otherwise they wouldn't waste time as a member

@steve_hanke If Russia is such a victim, where is their appeal to the In Security Council to condemn NATO and Ukraine Agreesion prior to the war? They are permanent members so clearly they believe in this body as a legitimate place to solve disputes

@BlackDouglas Russia wasn't part of the 2014 Minsk Agreement - it wasn't a party to them, it was an agreement between Ukraine and seperatist groups. Try harder.

@BlackDouglas Would you want your family to live under the Russian boot? My family has seen that life and I don't want that for anyone, and will Support Ukraine regardless. I understand your perspective, but that doesn't negate my reasons or mean I don't get it...

@caitoz Because while hard for you to understand, some people support the war in Ukraine regardless of calling it a proxy war.

@blackintheempir The problem is you don't respect anyone's reason for standing with Ukraine no matter how aware or reasoned they are for doing so - yet you claim some sort of non-programmed enlightenment. It's why you have become a caricature and bot.

@blackintheempir You seem to have a very narrow focus because there are more reasons to support Ukraine than being conned.

@blackintheempir New Daily Reminder. Russia still hasn't defeated Ukraine.

@blackintheempir NATO and the EU haven't entered the fight, they have only supplied arms, and not all of what they have, to Ukraine. Your statement is an attempt at witty insight, and just way off the mark.

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