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(1/5)馃У馃憞 World's most sanctioned, Russia, having banned crypto payments recently is now looking to accept stablecoins in a desperate attempt to bypass sanctions. Can stablecoins save Russia? #Crypto #Web3 #BTC #ETH #Blockchain #News #Russia #Ukraine #Stablecoin #USDT

#CoinliveDailyDigest 1. BTC Drops Under $19,000! 2. Russia seeks to establish stable currency cross-border clearing platform with friendly countries +3 more detailed summary here 馃憞 #Crypto #BTC #Bitcoin #ETH #News #Russia #Ukraine #Stablecoin #USDT

3. Other crypto organisations that have contributed over seven-figures: Come Back Alive @BackAndAlive UkraineDAO @Ukraine_DAO Unchain Fund @Unchainfund Reserve Fund of Ukraine (on Instagram & Facebook) If you enjoy quick & condense news like this, do follow us for more! 馃攣馃挋馃憜

馃У馃憞Ukraine Received $54M of Crypto to Fund Military Efforts Against Russia 1. Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine publicly thank 鈥淎id For Ukraine鈥,a crypto fundraising organisation, for donating $54M of crypto funds. @FedorovMykhailo @_AidForUkraine #Ukraine

(2/5) Iran was the most sanctioned country in the world until Russia invaded Ukraine. Prolonged economic sanctions against the Islamic state have forced Iran to start using crypto as a medium of exchange for international trade deals.

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