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@BrockSandiway @UFOSully @caitoz It completed last spring when the Russians invaded Ukraine. The US is now finished, along with the rest of the "west". The future is a Chinese/Russian led Corporatism (good news for the rest of the world), or nuclear war (obviously rather bad news).

@PancakePete00 @MGEmancipation @chriscurtis94 She's got Ukraine. She needs a Heroic War Effort, so the perverse incentive is to make Ukraine worse (Explains BJ's enthusiasm for Zellemsky too) and introduce conscription.

@DuddridgeLloyd Minsk 1 and 2 were ignored, talks this April were abandoned after Johnson arrived in Ukraine. UK Russophobic policy has contributed 100k deaths already. Not enough? How many is enough? 1 million like Afghanistan and Iraq?

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