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@ZaleskiLuke We are losing everything. The economy is headed into a full blown economic depression and we have a President talking about Armageddon as hundreds of thousands die in Ukraine with 10 million Ukrainian refugees. Get a grip on reality.

@realStanVG @RonFilipkowski We've become accustomed to Biden's senility. We're comfortable with it. The President talks about Armageddon and people say, "oh, that's just Joe being Joe!" Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of people are dying in Ukraine. Mr Armageddon is a real threat to national security.

@realStanVG @RonFilipkowski Speaking of business, Hunter Biden had a sweet deal in Ukraine. He was on the board of an oil company when he doesn't know oil from bird seed. And his daddy The Big Guy got 10 percent of his take. Funny how the Democrats are good with politicians funded by oil companies.

@BillKristol Sometimes it's hard to differentiate between inspiration and delusional thinking. The thugs running Iran are similar to the Russian thugs now destroying Ukraine. Both slaughter civilians at levels we cannot imagine here in America. More people are slaughtered than we realize.

@PatrickDallas @toptickfever @realStanVG @RonFilipkowski Do you have any idea how many civilians have been killed in Ukraine? Maybe take a break from your act as a keyboard war hero and think about who's getting harmed by Biden's endless war policy in Ukraine. Hint: it isn't Vladimir Putin.

@PatrickDallas @toptickfever @realStanVG @RonFilipkowski You speak very cavalierly about a conflict with a good chance of going nuclear with a senile President in the White House and a Russian dictator boxed in on all sides by foes. How many children are not attending school in Ukraine because they are refugees in foreign lands?

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