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And yet Canada and US supported 2014 Maidan "protests" amounting to insurrection in Ukraine

if Kosovo was allowed to separate from Serbia, why did US and NATO forbid Crimea and Donbas from separating from Ukraine?

@TrustIsEarnd @Wilkmaster Ukraine borders are no more sacred than Yugoslavia borders, which US and NATO ripped up in the 1990s, even bombing Serbia into submission to achieve its dismantling.

@TrustIsEarnd @Wilkmaster if Quebec can separate from Canada by referendum, as acknowledged by Canadian federal govt and Supreme Court, on what legitimate basis does US insist that Donbas and Crimea can't separate from Ukraine?

@MaxAbrahms if Ukraine is providing false information on the two missiles landing in Poland (like many other recent incidents), maybe its information on MH17 needs to be re-assessed.

@mtracey sensibly observes that any ambivalence of Republican candidates to latest US overseas war (in support of Ukro-nazionalists) is almost certainly a fraud and change in House will not impact massive US funding of Ukraine regime

Canada voted against a UN resolution combating glorification of Naziism. Shame on Canada and the NATO countries that voted against this resolution. Needless to say, Nazi collaborators are celebrated as national heros by Ukraine regime.

@AlphaEta68 @jhouse678 @naald @thenewarea51 @JetSetGOConnor their plan appears to have been to protect the separatist regions from oppressive central Ukraine government run by Ukro-nazionalists, while causing as little physical damage as possible. They probably hoped that US, UK would not go all in on supporting Ukro Nazis.

@2024Ok @ReginaMourad People also forget that there was literally NO breathing space between Mueller testimony and the impeachment instigated by coalition of anti-Trump fanatics and Ukraine zealots. And then COVID and the election campaign. Cleaning up DOJ would take an undistracted 4 years. To begin.

@MZHemingway @seanmdav this was followed up in 2014 by US-backed regime change coup violently overthrowing democratically elected President from eastern Ukraine (Donbas) - same guy as 2004- and installing US-backed Ukro nazionalists.

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