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Twitter is no longer posting most Ukraine updates. this is a good way to stay in touch.

@MichaelTanuvasa Oh no! Are the people of St. Petersburg cold? What a shame. I guess they can experience winter like those in the Ukraine, now.

@EmmaSElliott1 @KyivIndependent The US has said that if Russia uses nukes in Ukraine we will retaliate. Petraeus says that it would take exactly 2 hours to destroy the Russian military, Moscow, St. Petersburg, and the Pacific coastal cities. 2 hours. They're clearly getting ready to use nukes

@MollyJongFast If the Republicans win, they will stop funding for Ukraine. The Russian bots are working overtime to make everyone feel like the repubs will win. We cannot let that happen.

@strategywoman Because of the manner in which the US was formed, the majority of us have some experience with psychopaths. Don't worry. We know how to ignore them -- at least I do. I'm here for the duration. I look forward to a free Ukraine.

@DarthPutinKGB After killing their parents, they took two very young girls into the forest where they raped them until they were dead -- not unlike what they are doing in Ukraine. They buried the girls in the forest hoping they would never be found. So a nation was birthed from murder and rape.

Please pass this around. US companies are defying the sanctions to help Iran make drones wh are sold directly to Russia to kill human beings in Ukraine

You cannot say that you support Ukraine and vote GOP. You cannot say "Slava Ukraini" and vote GOP MTG is very clear -- if you elect the GOP, they will immediately cut off assistance of any kind to Ukraine. Don't be a hypocrite. Don't vote GOP.

5. Ukraine has the hearts and minds of nearly every person on the planet, except those paid for by Putin. They've raised millions from Twitter which has supplied their military and the people of Ukraine. IF YOU LEAVE TWITTER, YOU'RE PLAYING INTO PUTIN'S HANDS. (5)

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