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Ukrainian MFA spox @OlegNikolenko_ says explosive device hidden in an envelop detonated inside Ukraine Embassy in Madrid. 1 staff injured; not life threatening. FM @DmytroKuleba ordered security strengthened at all Ukrainian embassies, asked Spain to urgently investigate blast.

NATO foreign ministers who met in Bucharest, where leaders first pledged in 2008 that Ukraine and Georgia would eventually become members of the alliance, said on Tuesday that they “firmly stand behind our commitment” to both countries despite Russia’s military aggression. 👇

🚨 Air raid alert going off now in Kyiv. The first since last week’s massive missile attack that knocked out power and water for huge swathes of Ukraine, plunging the country into darkness.

Ukraine power companies are warning of continuing outages. One executive said blackouts could last until March due to Russian missile attacks and encouraged people to stock up on warm clothes and other necessary items to endure a long, dark, cold winter.

Security Service of Ukraine has raided the Kyiv Pechersk Lavra, seat of the Russia-controlled branch of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, and other Moscow Patriarchate monasteries in an operation “to counter the subversive activities of the Russian special services in Ukraine.”

Winter is going to be "a formidable test for the Ukraine [health] system and Ukrainian people," but also for the world community supporting it, @hans_kluge, says. “This winter will be about survival.” He notes 10 million people–1/4 of population–without power. "Cold will kill."

NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg: "This is not Ukraine's fault. Russia bears responsibility for what happened in Poland yesterday because this is a direct result of the ongoing war, and the wave of attacks from Russia against Ukraine yesterday."

Sweden to send nearly $400mn in aid to Ukraine. The support includes an unspecified air defense system, ammunition, all-terrain vehicles and winter equipment. Most likely air defense system to be sent is portable RBS 70; ammo could be for Hawk system.

What's next on the battlefields of Ukraine after the liberation of Kherson? @felschwartz and I spoke to Western and Ukrainian officials, experts and troops. Expect Russia to focus on the east while the Ukrainians are likely to prioritize the southern front

Biden continued: “It is unlikely in the lines of the trajectory that it was fired from Russia but we’ll see.” Poland described the missile fragments as being “Russian-made.” Both Russia and Ukraine have missiles manufactured in Russia or Soviet Union.

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