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Christian Sarkis
Neither Trickle Down Fairy or Socialist. Proud Australian. Hawke & Keating were the greatest. Social Democracy. Lebanese heritage.
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@KobieThatcher Best of luck to all in Ukraine 🇺🇦 fighting for Real Freedom

@markomihkelson @markomihkelson Exactly my point today here in Sydney. Ukraine after it’s beyond stellar fight ought answer Russia with “We don’t need to be NATO, but as sure as hell we will be the wall that protects it”

@AmbVasyl Ukraine will thump all the terrorists who dare spill blood on its valiant and priceless soil .. Love and Prayers from the Land of the BushMaster … I love you Ukraine 🇺🇦

This Man is Churchill 🇬🇧 Roosevelt 🇺🇸 Bachir Gemayel 🇱🇧 & all legends x100 of this century. His steadfast loyalty, his spine, his wisdom, his empathy and passion are a dose we needed at a time we languished as a world so tiresome by so much BS. @mishazelinsky @AmbVasyl #Ukraine

@SenatorWong @SenatorWong I absolutely stand with Ukraine. As a citizen of Aus and Labor Voter I applaud you. Keep it up. We spend $4b plus on foreign Aid. We can do better to defeat Russia … More Bushmasters. Give them all our M113’s and Ban all Trade with Russia and Belarus.

@alexstubb Trade Bans Further Sinking the Crimean Bridge. More Weapons to Ukraine. Wipe out his Black Sea fleet

@tjob63 @AmbVasyl Absolutely agree. Combined with bigger defence commitment in Ukraine. Free Trade. More intense trade ban on Russia.

@apmassaro3 End all Trade. Wake up Israel. Fuck the money. You turned Israel from desert to Glory. U don’t need Russia. This is you in 1939. Wake up. We love you. Defend Ukraine.

@AmbVasyl I love you Ukrainians. You have collectively made many of us humans who never dreamed of Visiting Ukraine actually fall in love with your nations spirit and resolve and tenacity … I can’t wait to visit

Tapped on shoulder at wedding last night by a Putin apologist cousin wanting to troll me about Ukraine getting “f..cked” Proud I didn’t hold back, telling him “No they are winning & they are making sure they don’t end up losing their nation the way your parents and mine did.

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